Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing expert Jeanne Jennings reported that in 2008 there were over 50 million worldwide Internet users who admitted to checking their email at least five times a day, and that 60% of business executives said that they prefer to use email as their primary form of business communication.

Bill Nussey, in “The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing” discusses how emails form part of the company brand in the mind of the recipients. By making sure that you have procedures in place to ensure consistent professional marketing emails you can leverage the power of email without turning off your customer base. Many large companies took email marketing for granted, or left it up to individuals in the organization instead of striving for consistent results. Too many emails, badly formed emails, or emails that don’t contain any pertinent information can turn off you customer and destroy the value of your email brand.

Using email to build relationships goes beyond opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliance. Using subscription services and RSS feeds, a company can bring the right information to their subscribers. Landing pages, pages customized for the recipients of the email marketing campaign can be used to funnel your reader to the offer you are selling. By targeting the information that interests each subscriber group you can speak directly to that group. Really good targeted content can take an email recipient and turn them into a customer. Continued contact can maintain a long term relationship.

Small businesses can use these techniques as well as large, due to the low cost and flexibility of email marketing. Service providers and software packages can give you the tools to create great looking HTML emails, as well as manage lists, opt-outs, and subscriptions. With the tools available, there is no excuse for not using email marketing to promote your brand.