What is Cloud Website Hosting?

Cloud Web Hosting is designed to keep downtime for your email and websites to an absolute minimum. It is targeted at businesses and consumers who need a very high level of up-time but don’t have a large IT budget to spend on complicated load-balanced, multi-server solutions. It is perfect for web sites that are not busy enough to need the increased hardware resources of a VPS or dedicated server but still would like to have access to enterprise grade hardware and up-time.

Cloud hosting is ideal for small online stores, affiliate marketers, budding entrepreneurs, web designers, photographers, small businesses, or anyone who needs the peace of mind that can be found in enterprise class web hosting.

How does Cloud Web Hosting work?

We start with enterprise grade hardware and software that encompasses every component of the system. There is at minimum two of EVERY component, all configured for seamless and automatic fail-over. We utilize network storage in a RAID 10 configuration which is then mirrored to a secondary RAID 10 array. The arrays are accessed by front-end servers which serve the data to your websites. There are multiple routes to the storage so if an interface card failed the secondary would take over instantly. In addition to this redundancy, the data is backed up to a third location in an easily restorable format.

Your site is operated in virtual machines. If the physical machine your virtual machine is hosted on experiences a failure, they will be automatically migrated to a spare server without any prolonged downtime.

We have designed our redundant web hosting to have no single fault layer and to offer our customers an affordable shared hosting solution with enterprise class reliability.

How does Cloud Hosting react to hardware disasters or massive burst of traffic?

A major worry with traditional shared hosting is the possibility of hardware failure. This includes everything from the relatively minor hard drive crash to the extreme event of a motherboard failure. With our Cloud Web Hosting you are fully protected from all these events. Because we are using virtualized machines, any hardware failure on a front-end server is easy to bypass — we simply move our clients in real time to a new server. A majority of failures can be mitigated with zero downtime but in the event of complete hardware failure we can migrate the virtual machine to a spare server and be up again in under 10 minutes. Even the storage system is redundant and provides automatic, uninterrupted flow of your vital data!

Another common problem with shared web hosting is that any single user on your shared server has the potential to make the server unstable for everyone else. This is generally caused by large bursts of traffic or by a broken or badly written script. With our solution you are still sharing hardware resources with others to make it cost effective, but you are further protected from the chance this will affect your site. Because our Cloud Hosting uses our virtualized machine technology, we can easily move the container the problem user is in to a spare server and increase the hardware resources by 500% to 1000%. This allows us to keep everyone’s websites online and happy while we track down the problem or until the burst is over.