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Slow WordPress Page LoadWordPress website needs to load fast and reliably. Your sites search ranking in Google’s is based partly on your site  performance (Page Load). Visitors to your site simply have too many on-line options and waiting for your slow pages to load is the quickest what to have that visitor go elsewhere.  You work hard to secure your visitor, and don’t need to drive them away as some as they get to your site because of page load performance.

Our WordPress Website Speed Optimization service can have dramatic effects on your WordPress sites page load performance. The services we offer are listed below.  Your site issues might more or less involve a variety of factors that include; WordPress configuration, host, theme, installed plugins, and any code customizations that were done on your site.

Our WordPress Website Optimization service includes and evaluation of the following:

    • .htaccess  – Configure the sites .htaccess file with appropriate caching and compression settings
    • Caching: Install and/or configure the caching plugin that will work best for your WordPress website. Depending on your site this will be:
      • Quick Cache
      • WP Super Cache
      • W3 Total Cache
    • Database Optimization: Optimize your database either through your host’s cPanel or through specialized WordPress plugins
    • Post, Page, Comments Clean-Up: Remove unnecessary post and page revisions and spam comments
    • Image Optimization: Optimize images (reduce size, losslesly compress, properly resize images so they are scaled correctly)
    • Plugin Cleanup: Check all your plugins for resource usage, remove unnecessary plugins and/or install better replacements when possible
    • Fix 404 Errors: Remove broken calls to the server causing 404 errors and decreasing page load time
    • Social Media Plugin Checks: Make sure your social media plugins(if you are using them) are configured correctly
    • Lazy Loading: Based on how image intensive a site is Incorporate lazy loading if compatible with your setup so entire pages are not loaded and only the viewable area of the screen gets loaded
    • CDN Configuration: Configure a CDN for setups that would benefit from this
    • Code Duplication Removal: Removing duplicate code where possible
    • CSS & Javascript File Placement: Placing your CSS and Javascript files in the proper location for fastest load time
    • CSS Sprites: Combining your images into CSS sprites reduces the number of images necessary
    • Minimize HTML, CSS & Javascript
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