WordPress Maintenance Services

Most WordPress web development company are not interested in simple maintenance, support and consulting, not us. The WordPress maintenance service is focused on those needs and nothing else, sure we’d love it if you decided to hire us for your project someday but for now, we are just as happy keeping your site maintained or answering your questions.

What Level of Support Do You Need?

  • Do you need general phone support, consulting and training?
  • Have questions about backups or restoring your site?
  • Require assistance with installation?
  • Require assistance with host migration?
  • Require routine maintenance
  • Looking for consulting or advice a particular customization, plugin or theme
  • Have a problem that requires someone  to troubleshoot

Businesses large and small use WordPress. Do you need a reliable firm that you can turn to for assistance – we’re here to help.

WordPress is a great open-source platform that allows developers to create truly dynamic sites, it still requires maintenance to keep it working smoothly and to protect it from new vulnerabilities and security risks. I offer a very comprehensive package that makes sure your site is running smoothly and to keep you up to date with the latest plugins, theme and version of WordPress.

  • WordPress Core Update: Safely update WordPress to the latest version
  • Plugin Updates: Update any plugins that have had code changes and verify they are still compatible with your theme and the current version of WordPress
  • Backups: Create a backup schedule and verify they are stable and up to date and store backup on remote cloud server
  • Security: Monthly security audit, malware test
  • Site Restoration: If your site has experienced an exploit and been compromised utilizing backups to restore the site
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