Social Media MarketingNearly 70% of active Internet users have joined a social media network*, making social media marketing (SMM) an exciting way to connect with new customers. Yet 84% of social media programs don’t measure ROI.

Social media marketing (SMM) is an exciting new way to tap into a growing audience of more than 300 million potential customers (and growing everyday) on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These users can share their opinions about products or services with others, increasing the popularity of a brand and increasing the number of loyal visitors to a company website. This gives social media explosive viral marketing potential.

Large companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets can afford to take a chance on a social media marketing strategy. But companies with more limited time and resources need a social media marketing strategy that delivers measurable ROI.

What is Social Media Marketing?

What good is a Facebook page or blog if it doesn’t drive targeted traffic to your website, and convert visitors into sales-ready leads or browsers into buyers? After all, isn’t driving revenue and generating measurable ROI the ultimate goal?

Successful social media marketing consists of creating the type of buzz that grows the number of company “followers”, “friends,” and/or “fans” while encouraging them to spread your message in their social network. Ongoing buzz fuels successful social media marketing, but converting that buzz into revenue requires a separate set of disciplines — and that’s what distinguishes Bay E-Solutions & Technology.

Our creative services and interactive marketing team develops, implements and manages a social media marketing programs that leverage traditional and interactive advertising initiatives to grow the number of company friends, fans, and followers – effectively “converting” them into loyal new and repeat customers. Bay E-Solutions & Technology’s Social Media Marketing program includes:

  • Complete social media strategy development
  • Social media network account setup and profile creation (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Custom-designed social media profile pages
  • Search engine optimized social media content, i.e. videos, press releases, etc.
  • Custom-designed landing pages and/or micro-sites for product or service-specific promotions
  • Social media links integrated into company website
  • Program performance monitoring and reporting

Why select Bay E-Solutions & Technology to run your Social Media Marketing program?

While social media marketing enables companies to tap into a growing audience of over 300 million users (that’s only increasing every day), a poorly developed, executed, and managed social media marketing program can backfire. A successful social media program requires proper planning, execution, and management.

Experts estimate that it takes about 32 hours per month to properly create and maintain one social network profile. Managing a complete social media campaign across multiple social media networks can easily turn into a full-time job.

Implementing and running a successful social media marketing program doesn’t have to be inefficient or time-consuming… unless you try to do it all yourself. Bay E-Solutions & Technology can help you develop, implement, and run a comprehensive social media marketing program, while allowing your staff to focus their valuable time on their true core business competencies.

Is your company a good fit for Social Media Marketing?

While Social Media Marketing can potentially expose your company to millions of social media users, implementing a successful social media strategy requires proper planning, execution and management. We carefully evaluate each potential client engagement and align our team with those companies that enable us to make the greatest measurable impact.

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