Email MarketingA recent survey indicates that businesses continue to increase their use of email for sales, marketing, and customer service – and for good reason. Email marketing is proven to be one of the most effective online tools for attracting new customers and enhancing your relationship with existing ones. But successful email marketing requires more than just email marketing software. The success of an email marketing program is dependent on a number of critical elements, including:

  • A targeted opt-in email list
  • Professionally-written and designed email collateral
  • High email delivery, open and click rates (conversions)
  • Effective performance analysis and reporting

The primary purpose of most email marketing campaigns is to generate leads or sales by driving prospects to take some form of action: fill out a request form, sign up to an offer, or make a purchase — with revenue typically as the KPI (key performance indicator).  Bay E-Solutions & Technology has years of experience managing complex email marketing campaigns for clients with email lists ranging in size from several thousand to over 1 million — consistently achieving 96%+ delivery rates.

We begin with a thorough assessment of your business objectives, your current email list (if any), your customer search patterns, and analyze your main competitors.

When you select Bay E-Solutions & Technology as your full-service email service provider (ESP), you don’t need to purchase or learn any software, or worry about keeping up with the latest email marketing regulations or best-practices. Our team of seasoned email marketing professionals handles all the complexities of managing your email marketing program, with a laser focus on driving conversion, freeing up your staff to focus on their true core competencies.

Bay E-Solutions & Technology’s full-service email marketing includes:

  • Email strategy development. Our email marketing experts closely collaborate with you to evaluate your email marketing goals and develop a custom email marketing strategy based on industry best-practices.
  • Email list development. A critical element to the success of any email marketing program is a high-quality, targeted email list. We’ll help you “clean” your in-house email list and utilize highly effective tools and techniques for growing your email list.
  • Email list management. Maintaining 100% CAN-SPAM compliance requires proper email list management. Our team combines time-tested procedures with automated tools to streamline the list management process.
  • Creative services. Our award-winning Creative Services team closely collaborates with you to develop visually appealing and action-driven email collateral that accurately reflects your company brand and influences responses. Multiple creatives can be tested and custom landing pages can be designed to track, measure, and maximize conversions.
  • Email campaign delivery. Our team manages the entire campaign delivery process, closely monitoring email delivery, and making necessary adjustments.
  • Performance analysis and reporting. The results of each email campaign are analyzed and reported, clearly illustrating campaign performance based on delivery, open rates, response rates, and ultimately conversions.
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