On-line Advertising Continues Double-Digit Growth

On-line Advertising The economy may be improving ever so slightly in the eyes of a few, but an on-going caution among advertisers will result in continued transition of dollars to online advertising. EMarketer projects 10.5% growth in online ad spending in the United States next year, after which the double-digit growth annually through 2014, when…


Google Places Gold Mine for Local Search

Google Places With a few tweaks and an interface change, Google has placed location and location-based search front-and-center in its search engine. The big change, announced recently on Google’s Blog, is that Google (Google) has moved the user location setting to the left-hand panel of the search engine results page. This feature automatically detects your…


Increase in Interent Use = More Online Advertising

Online Advertising The following is a recent commentary by Thomas Harpointner the CEO of AIS Media, Inc. (, an Atlanta-based, award-winning interactive marketing agency that was published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution .  He provides insight into the direction and opportunities that lie ahead for businesses on-line advertising. Direct Mail, Other Selling Channels Are Giving Way…


Social Media Marketing Stabilizes for Small-Medium Businesses

About a quarter of small businesses now marketing via social media After climbing steeply, according to research from Network Solutions and the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, small-business adoption of social media marketing has plateaued at 24%. The study of US small business found…


Who are the Buyers – Twitter Followers or Facebook Fans?

Research conducted by Exact Target and discussed last week by eMarketer revealed that Twitter follower have a greater propensity to make a purchase than Facebook fans.  The data showed that the Twitter followers (37%) were more than twice as likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow than Facebook fans (17%). To take…